by John Underwood

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Recorded at Krakenhead Studios from December 2017-May 2018
Mix and Mastered by John Underwood
Trombone Lead on Swamp Master and Steel String Acoustic Guitar Lead on If I Learned Anything In This Life performed by Chris Fox.
Album artwork by Erin Wolfe.


released June 8, 2018

Huge thanks to Chris Fox for Trombone on Swamp Master and Guitar on If I Learned Anything In This Life, Ern Wolfe for the amazing album artwork, Shootdang, Chris Fox, Loud As Folk and Spike McGuire for the numerous tours that have made this project happen, all the wonderful places I've played all over the country(and world now) and all my friends and family for all the love and support along the way. Especially my parents Larry and Alice Underwood that have always helped me figure out how to get a new instrument when I was interested, and my loving girlfriend Amy McGowan for being supportive through this entire album, tours, touring around with me and helping setup and sell merch and all around helping me along the way to accomplish this project. You're all wonderful people, and I hope you can hear your support in my music.


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John Underwood Reno, Nevada

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Track Name: Ignight, My Life
Ignight, My Life

Gmi Gmi D7 D7b2 Eb Eb D D7

Doctor tells me to find a new hobby
Because the next time might not be so lucky
Did you ever stop to think that might’ve been the plan all along
Gotta live this life ‘til the limits to start to fall
Every time you ask me to stop and reflect
Grab an instrument and I’ll begin to fret
My way through the times when we can’t have
Everything we want, but we’ve got this life to live
Don't quite know what to do with myself
Can't quite play music and I can't quite play my health
Ever get that feeling that something has changed
This mind’s gone blind to the tastes I once had

Maybe next time won’t be the same
Did you ever stop to think just why we're all a little insane
We spend our time pushing our minds to find a life
That we don’t want to be afraid to live
And I find that time don't ease the pain
I grow from the hours spent not fueling my brain
With the things that excite me
Ignight, my life, you fulfill my heart for the time I wait

Where did you lose that dried-up, wandering scrooge
I bet he's found his way up into the room
And everyone dances around with their booze
Will he fall in line and give into the times
Happy holidays for you and your wealth
Cause all the ghosts have scared him into an illusionary hell
He hasn't changed, he's just learned traditions are stealth
And if we keep fueling our lives off the past
We might not open our minds to the path
That shows us where some changes in our lives
Could make the times fully worth to live
And I won’t mind showing a life of struggle for myself

Track Name: Swamp Master
Swamp Master

Emi EmiD#sus(b2) Emi EmiD#sus(b2) Emi F#mi Gmi GmiF#mi x2
Gmi GmiF#mi Gmi GmiF#mi Gmi F#mi D#sus(b2) D#sus(b2)Emi x2

Sail along
Bough's creaking
Who’s that lurking in the bog?
Steady eyes
No blinkin'
Don’t want to lose the shadows in the fog

Tell tale! Dark marks!
He’d rather go down with the ship than
Tell them! They’re sinking!
Swamp takes what it calls its own

Don't be afraid
Keep listenin'
It will feed on what you're missing
We don't lack
We're forgettin'
How we ever got through this living


And I’m the one they’re after now
My mind runs ever faster how
Did I ever concentrate on disaster
For so long with the fear of

Being! Alone!
He'd rather go down with the ship than
Take them! All home!
Swamp takes what it calls its own
Track Name: If I Learned Anything In This Life
If I Learned Anything In This Life

Dmi Dmi Ami C7 Dmi
Dmi Dmi Ami C7 Dmi D#7D#7
Dmi D#7D#7 Dmi A#mi Gmi Ami C7 Dmi

AmiG#miGmi Gmi Dmi D#7 A#mi Ami DC#C7 C7 Dmi Dmi Gmi F#7 E7 Dmi

Dmi Dmi Ami C7 Dmi

I see a man
Sweeping up the streets
He sits there hoping for a dime
I see that man
Sweeping up his home
He’s trying to clean up his life

All we have is time to share I hope you realize
Say it again better alone my friends
Might be best to live this dream until we die

A lady asks me how I’m doing
As she drops boxes from house to house
Doesn’t need to say a thing
This world is full of people that just want to try and help


Fallen leaves look like birds on the grass
And I keep glancing back
Don’t know what to do when predictions are true
This dreams a stream of changes til I relax


Sitting in the park
Playing my guitar
I hear the horse carriage circling around
Full of history
This place may be
But the most important time for us is right now


It makes me sad
To see you like this
I thought we had a pretty great time
That breeds in me
I will release if I learned anything in this life
Track Name: The Deadly Gallows
The Deadly Gallows

Verse x2
Bmi Dmi Bmi Dmi Bmi G F#
Bmi Dmi Bmi Dmi G F# Dmi Bmi

Emi Bmi A F# Bmi x2 ←- Only x2 first chorus
Emi Bmi F# GF# GF# G F# Emi Dmi ←- 2nd Chorus and after

Post Chorus
Bmi Bmi G F# Emi Bmi
Dmi Dmi G F# Emi Dmi
Bmi Bmi G F# Emi Bmi
Dmi Dmi G F# Emi Dmi

Bmi Dmi G F# Emi Bbmi Bmi x4

I kissed her goodnight
And I kissed her goodbye
For a kiss is not enough to survive
And a love that is freed
Is a love that will bleed
Out! Into the memories of my life

It’s that time in my life where I need to begin again
This time I won’t let go of the reigns
And I’ll try not to strangle you my friend
But it’s hard to be the one who is living free
When I’ve got a noose tied around my neck
And I’m hanging from a tree! Let me out of this thing!

There comes a time, when friends will fly
And this might be a sign we should let sinking ships lie
Because if we’re together, but we’re not alive
Who will continue to wade into the tides
A helping hand, and some friendly eyes
I’ll lose my drive to a love in disguise
But we will see that I need time
To travel this world before I can travel your mind


And all my closest friends have become your best friends now
but that’s alright, I hope to soon be leaving this town
They took offense, to my, being proud
I got to live this life playing folk as loud!


New friends I’ve made just floating around
Playing music each night, Feel more healthy turning frowns upside down
And then the day comes when they visit our town
We’ll get everyone together and march on through the open grounds!
Next morning, pile out, van up, we’re headed NORTH(WEST, EAST, SOUTH) BOUND!
Everybody in this land needs to hear the waking sound!
And if we find more people who love to dance and howl
Why would I wait at all for the world to crowd around me?


Kraken opened my head
As they try to lay me down
This night isn’t meant for us to rest without her coming around
And I bid her farewell
I say “Au Revoir!”
“Adieu, ma belle, mais je ne sais pas
Si c'est bien, ou si c'est mal?
Qu’est-ce qui se passe entre nous maintenant?”


I learned a long time ago this life’s no hand me down
And if I’m going to chase my dreams I need good people to surround me
Maybe someday we will all learn from our mistakes,
And throw another party playing music! It’s our fates!
Track Name: Krakenhead

Bmi A#mi Bmi Cmi Bmi A#mi Gmi F#mi

Not quite my decision
But I've fallen into this new division
I've separated for the evening
They'll sign me up for a life of debt and months of dealing
Every last one of you should load up and start retreating
Cause the fun has passed the chance on it’s own believing
As I lie on the ground, knocked out while my head is bleeding
Don't know how I went from dinner to delirium
And every breath I take I hear another paramedic screaming

Kraken my head, there’s a cut in my chest and I’m sure to lose my brain power
Let’s hope I’m not dead who will jump in and play let’s start a parade now!
Kraken my head, there’s a cut in my chest and I’m sure to lose my brain power
Everyone insists that they want to get ahead
So why not join me in the world of the dead now!

Puts on her gloves and starts to feel around my chest
Not the first time I've been informed this place is such a mess
Lets me know my heart is a hard one to find
Don't know how to tell her there has been a constant decline
Every girl I've ever loved has left around her remnants
And if you want to echo that you'll have to be more permanent
Know your ears are trying their best to hear the sounds
That my heart beats into this drum as I scream aloud


Keep on trying to climb back up into my mind
But all the world’s forgotten me
I'm lost in an older time
People seem to give a damn who's kicking on the inside
And will he fall over from another mental suicide
I’ve got a girl I love to kiss, my dreams have gone amiss
This world has reversed to the years before I lost our bliss
Last thing I want is to be lied to by my mind
And I wouldn’t want to spend my time living in rewind


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